All-fiber Square Drum

All-fiber Square Drum

Publish: 2015-06-04

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Specification Dimension:

Fibre drum inner diameters include 360mm(L)×360mm(W), 365mm(L)×365mm(W), 400mm(L)×400mm(W). (free customization of mould making for special dimension required by customers if the monthly purchase quality is over 2000 pcs). Fibre drum height of 120mm~960mm for options. 

Product Material:

1. The materials of the products include 250g/m2~350g/m2 imported all wood pulp craft paper, domestic AA-grade, A-grade and B-grade cardboard paper, with American linerboard color, plain color, yellow, white and multicolor for choice.

2. The fiber cover is made of high quality high intensity cardboard with thickness of 5mm~6mm. Based on the customers’ loading weight, the fiber bottom varies from 5mm~10mm in thickness. The drum cover and drum bottom adopt lamination technology to greatly improve the damp-proof effect of all-fibre drum.

Product Feature:

The greatest strength of the product is that it is square in form. Take the pallet of 1100mm×1100mm for example, each layer can load 9 square drums, saving storage and logistic space by 20%~30% compared to all-fiber circular drum. It is a green and environment-friendly new product (easy for recycling after use) 

Product Standard

Execute GB/T 14187-2008 Standard for Fibre Drum

Product Inspection

We can provide “General Cargo Container Performance Test Result Report” and “Dangerous Cargo Container Performance Test Result Report” for the product.

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