Multi-color Fibre Drum

Multi-color Fibre Drum

Publish: 2015-06-04

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Specification Dimension:

Fibre drum diameters include 200mm, 250mm, 270mm, 280mm, 300mm, 325mm, 350mm, 370mm, 380mm, 400mm, 415mm, 450mm, 500mm, 550mm, 600mm. All-fiber drum diameters include 300mm, 325mm, 350mm, 370mm, 400mm, 420mm, 450mm. (free customization of mould making for special dimension required by customers if the monthly purchase quality is over 2000 pcs). Fibre drum height of 120mm~1050mm for options. 

Product Material:

1. The materials of the products include 250g/m2~350g/m2 imported all wood pulp craft paper, domestic AA-grade, A-grade and B-grade cardboard paper;

2. With American linerboard color, plain color, yellow, white and multicolor for choice.

Product Features:

The product surface is printed with product name, trademark and relevant information required and confirmed by the customers. It may be subject to multi-color printing based on customers’ preference to improve the image of the products. Our company has acquired “Packaging and Decoration Printing Business License”

Product Standard:

Execute GB/T 14187-2008 Standard for Fibre Drum

Product Inspection:

We can provide “General Cargo Container Performance Test Result Report” and “Dangerous Cargo Container Performance Test Result Report” for the product.

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